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SPY in Denmark

The board of SPY was invited to attend an international event in Copenhagen. Gadeidrættens Dag – Drik Vand Spot Crawl was organized by Street Movement. An event was flooded with talented international traceurs supported by local talents and was open for beginners as well. During the day various spots around the town were visited, challenges completed and new skills acquired. The Finnish delegation was impressed by the public places offered for various movement around Copenhagen and would like to thank the organizers for giving us a chance to be part of this fantastic experience.

The chance to network and share experiences with active parkour community was definitely important from the point of view of the every-day development of parkour life in Finland. In the discussions new ideas were thrown on the table, mutual understanding was formed and seeds for future network were laid in the ground.

Once again, big shout-out to Street Movement for organizing such an amazing and fruitful experience for all of us!

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